Studio Legale Albieri Solicitors' practice in Verona Italy

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Studio Legale Albieri provides a comprehensive range of specialist legal services, particularly in Civil, International and Administrative Law.

Our Legal Pratice represents companies and private individuals for disputes before boards of arbitration

and all judicial courts, including High Courts such as Italy's Supreme Court of Cassation, the Council of State and the Court of auditors.

Phone calls are taken in Italian and English and written responses are provided in other European languages and in Arabic.

Our Legal Practice can call on trusted professionals, such as medicolegal experts, engineers, accident appraisers and test laboratories able to provide specialist  advice, which is necessary for evaluating the most appropriate steps to take before taking legal action and indispensable at the legal proceedings stage.

Both a personal and professional relatioship is established between our Lawyers and our clients in order to set up the essential understanding of trust and co-operation that must be present between solicitor and client. This cooperative relationship provides the best strategy for even the most complicated problems.

Sensitivity and discretion in dealing with issues are indispensable aspects of our service.

If you need further information or you wish to find the most suitable solution to your problem you can set up an appointment with the lawyer Paola Albieri right now, using our assistance service.

Telephone 0039 0456577211

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